Entry #7 ~ Mystery Basket Grilled Peaches

Entry #7:  Kelly Stearns

Mystery basket ingredients:
2 Peaches
One and a half tablespoons Maple Syrup
Small handful slivered or chopped Almonds
2 slices Bacon
One tablespoon Balsamic Vinegar
Half a cup Blackberries (MarionBerries in Oregon)

Wash and cut peaches in half and stone the fruit.

If needed, rub grill with olive oil and pre-heat grill medium hot

Grill peaches 2-3 minutes on a hot grill cut side down until light to medium brown grill marks appear.

Place bacon slices in toaster over to bake or pan fry until crisp. Then crumble bacon.

Place berries, maple syrup and balsamic in sauce pot and simmer until vinegar is reduced. About 5-6 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Sliver or chop almonds.

Plate peach cut side up.

Spoon sauce over peach.

Top with a pinch of bacon and half the almond slivers.

Yumm enjoy!

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  1. This looks yummy!

  2. Yeay! These grilled peaches are so good! Their are never any leftovers! Sweet and savory!

  3. This looks great. Is this a serving?

  4. This looks good is this a serving size?

  5. Yumm I love these!

  6. Add some coconut cream!

  7. I was out of maple syrup, so I used honey, but this was absolutely yummy!
    As far as serving size goes, 1 peach (w/topping) was all I could eat in one sitting. . . although I wanted more 😉

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