OK ~ this was a new one for me today….Rambutan.  To me, it looked like the Sid Vicious of fruits ~ wild, crazy and a lot out of the ordinary!  I wish I could say that I made a crazy recipe or vinaigrette out of this fruit; however, like Sid, it stands alone.  Just make a score around the perimeter of the fruit (don’t cut into the inner seed), then peel the crazy exterior and plop it in your mouth.  It is very similar to a grape, just don’t forget to spit out the inner papery seed.

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  1. redsnapperuk says:

    Rambutan's are delicious!! I remember having them for the first time at a Malaysian restaurant back home in Australia.

  2. I remember getting fresh rambutan and it was like cat nip for my cat. It was the strangest thing. I always wonder if it has that effect on all cats or just that one.

  3. These are very similar to Lychee or Longon, Lychees are my favorite fruit! I make a sauce out of them for Duck with ginger, plums and brewed black tea.

  4. These are very much like Lychee and Longon, my favorite fruits! I make a sauce with them for duck with plums, ginger, and brewed black tea.

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