The Burger Solution

Meal 4 of 31:  Back to Basics

You can have your burger and eat it too…just avoid the fast-food route.  Knowing where your burger came from (avoid the pink slime!) and forgoing the bun and fries will keep you on track.  This is also a very portable meal for the lunch-packers out there.

Instead of the typical burger sides, add a rainbow to your plate.

The Burger Solution

For this meal, I seasoned my ground beef patties with ground pepper and garlic salt.  Don’t use the back of your spatula to “smoosh” the burger down as you will lose all of those wonderful juices.  After the burger is done to your liking, let it rest for at least 3-5 minutes.  I served this with a thick slice of tomato.  Also, I forgot to put it on before I shot the picture, but I added a dollop of whole grain Dijon mustard for even more flavor.

For the veggies, I used red onion and green pepper.  I sauteed them in a little bacon grease (natural fat) to add flavor.

I also sprinkled my blueberries with almond slices.  Any berries or nuts will do.  Just look around your kitchen and “fill” your plate with healthy options.


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  1. Just heading out for lunch at In-n-Out burger : Protein style (wrapped in lettuce) and no sauce :-) The beauty of living in Cali and getting freshly made burgers – no pink slime! Yucks!

  2. I, too, live on the east coast and NEVER had an In-n-Out burger! Was in Vegas for a reunion and there was one right across the street from the hotel, but never made it there; too much food at the reunion. :(

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