B.A.T. Crazy Lettuce Wraps

B.A.T. = Bacon, Avocado and Tomato…simple back-to-basics lettuce wraps. These are so easy that it is shameful to call it a recipe!

Enough said.  :-)

B.A.T. Crazy Lettuce Wraps

B.A.T. Crazy Lettuce Wraps

I used Bibb Lettuce but you can use Iceberg, Romaine or whatever you prefer or have in the house.

Buying thick cut bacon is the key to this wrap for me!  After that, I find that Roma tomatoes are the tastiest.

For this recipe, I diced the avocado; however, next time I will mash my avocado in a bowl with a little salt, lemon juice and a squeeze of Sriracha and then spread it on each lettuce leaf…this would check the “balanced flavor” box for me!

Add a little salt and pepper, and chomp away…

Variation:  I think a chopped hard-boiled egg would be good in this too…



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  1. This looks simple but yummy!

  2. Linda Thompson says:

    Looks so good! I've never had bib lettuce..I know, where have I been hiding? LOL! Girl, when are you going to do a cookbook? :)

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