Prep Day Salad

Day 21 of 31:  Back to Basics

If you have prepped your food for the week, a well-balanced salad can be yours in a matter of minutes.

Prep Day Salad

With this salad, I used mache (lamb’s lettuce) as a base.  I added my some the seeded pomegranate, shredded carrots, chopped onions and a hard-boiled egg that I had already prepped.  I would have added chicken cubes, but my husband ate them one day (thanks hon!).  In addition, I added olives, sliced almonds and garnished with freshly ground pepper.

For the dressing:  I drizzled some olive oil and a fig balsamic vinegar on top.

Options:  alternate greens (spinach, spring mix), tomatoes, alternate nuts, berries, steak, chicken, tuna, fish, shrimp, bell peppers…the list is limited by your imagination!




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