Wanted: Recipe Testers

Hi Cavegirl Peeps!!

I am nearing the final steps of my first cookbook, published by Sunny Day Publishing, LLC.  I am super-excited, nervous, giddy…yes, all of those emotions and more!  :-)

My cookbook will be a round-up of my last year of blogging, including 25+ new recipes, neatly presented in a pretty hard-bound touchable cookbook!  Not only will these new recipes be spotlighted; but some of the already blog-published recipes will receive face lifts from comments I’ve received and things I’ve learned along the way.

Your suggestions have always been instrumental in Cavegirl Cuisine’s growth (and, yep, sometimes ingredient amount typos!).  So, with this, I’d like to ask for your recipe testing service!  In exchange, I will have a section of my cookbook dedicated to my recipe testers spotlighting each and every one of your names!  :-)

Some of the new recipes include:
– Eggplant and Prosciutto Rollatini
– Gyro Salad
– Tangerine Chicken
– Cauliflower and Pear Soup
– No-Tella Cookies
– Jamocha Popsicles
– BBQ Pulled Pork Lettuce Wraps


To keep all of the recipes top-secret, I will need you to sign a non-disclosure report if you choose to test for Cavegirl Cuisine.  If you would like to be a tester, please comment below with your email address or contact me at cavegirlcuisine@gmail.com.

I am interested in some of you not only testing the new recipes, but some of the updated older ones as well.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
“Cavegirl Cuisine”

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  1. I would LOVE to! I also have 3 kiddos (10, 7, and 2) who eat mostly Paleo too :) darabender@gmail.com

  2. Maryann Hopkins says:

    I am interested in being a tester. I cook Paleo all the time. Maryann
    My email:msciulla@optonline.net

  3. Alana Morgan says:

    I would love to be a tester! May I start in 20 days tho? I just started a raw food cleanse….20 days to go.


    Alana Morgan

  4. Michelle, I would love the opportunity to be a recipe tester. My email is mykelogan@gmail.com

  5. Michelle,

    Would I need to be local to your area? How does this work?


  6. Maria Regner says:

    I have never done recipe testing n am new to paleo n am gluten free. What is all involved? Tks!

  7. I would love to be a recipe tester – healthierjane@gmail.com

  8. Kate Koger says:

    Happy to help you!!!! redsnapperuk@gmail.com!

  9. Nissa Bolinger says:

    I would love to, this would be a great move for the rest of my family right now. :) nissabo@gmail.com

  10. Kimberly Seyboldt says:

    I would absolutely test! I have 4 kids and a husband who would love to eat some new recipes!

  11. Hi, I would be interested. My husband and I just got into this lifestyle and are trying to find our way around it. So testing new recipes would be fun and helpful for us! :)

    Tammy Henry

  12. I'm in! I have a picky 11 year old that helps me get my recipes midget-approved and a girlfriend who pretty much thinks I'm a world-renowned chef….so we can all meet in the middle, lol.

  13. Heather Hoagland says:

    I would love to test the recipes! :)

    Heather Hoagland

  14. Heather Hoagland says:

    I would love to test the recipes! :)

  15. Angela Campbell says:

    I would live to be a tester. I’m trying to turn my family paleo so will have some very willing taste testers to round out the testing.

  16. Angela Campbell says:

    Me please.

  17. Jennifer Gilbert says:

    Testing your recipes would be awesome!! Let me know if I can help out.

  18. I would be flattered to test your recipes you can email me at smueller314@live.com.
    looking forward to hearing from you.

  19. I would love to! I have a monster (age 8) who is rather persnickety, but seems to love some paleo stuff! I would love to expise her to more! Tyrtyl@yahoo.com

  20. I'm happy to as well! You have put out some great recipes! Very excited!!

  21. Marissa Boyd says:

    We're in! Our family (me, hubby, & a toddler) would love to taste for you! Just let us know what we need to do to get started.

  22. Sure! I’m fairly new to paleo eating so this will he great!

  23. I would love to as well – 3 kids (5mo, 2yo and 5yo) and a skeptical husband. I need to avoid almonds is my only "thing". baxter.lynsey@gmail.com

  24. would LOVE to test…

  25. Barbara Keenan says:

    I would love to be a tester. I have a family if 4.


  26. I would like to help. My husband does not eat Paleo, but is completely honest. What better way to test your recipes than on someone who eats healthy (me) and someone who doesn't (hubby). :0)


  27. I would be glad to test recipes.

  28. To be a tester does one need to commit to testing ALL of the recipes, or just a few? I know I would fail if I had to make them all, but I would love to help!

  29. I would love to be a taste tester for you! Excited to try some new recipes :-)


  30. Barbara Keenan says:

    I would live to be a tester. We are a family of 4 (kids 14 and 10) and live in Australia. We are Paleo/Primal eaters


  31. Bake, Run, Live says:

    I would love to test the Gyro and Cookie recipes! While my baking blog is loaded with sugar and flour, I actually eat Paleo for my meals. It's a good balance for me.

  32. Please!! I have tested for several other authors!!

  33. I would love to test your recipes… My husband and I have been paleo for a year now.. always willing to try new things. dldjones59@gmail.com

  34. I’m very interested!

  35. Count me in! My hubby and I love to try new things.

  36. I would love to be a tester! Aside from a minor sugar addiction I am paleo! And I can add the input of 2 picky kids and a husband who isn't on board yet! mistyroses4her@yahoo.com

  37. sue flanagan says:

    Absolutely I am new to Paleo and am very interested in new and exciting recipes

  38. I'd love to be a part of finalizing your recipes for the book. So exciting!

  39. Rachel Corkery says:

    I’d love to do some recipe testing! I’m a mostly paleo former professional cook based in Ireland (home of the best meat and fish) so European measures /ingredient availability information or advice could he helpful. Oh, and have sports mad preteen daughters (and husband) who also love food and cooking….

  40. Ramona Travis says:

    It would be awesome to test some of your recipes for you. I am not Paleo, but rather gluten free and often use Paleo recipes. Love your postings. 😉

  41. I would LOVE to recipe test. I've done this before, and had so much fun!! Send me whatever you would like (and as many as you would like). My e-mail address is: amyayers2@gmail.com

  42. I would be honored to test some of your recipes! I have the added bonus that I cook for a family and could give you their input as well!

  43. I would be honored to test some of your yummies!!! Savory or sweet I love to cook and try new recipes on the skeptical hubby in order to further shift his 60% paleo even further!

  44. Melinda Sasarak says:

    Would love to help!

  45. I would love to taste test some of your recipes!

  46. Kathryn Hart says:

    I want to be a tester! Pick me please! :)

  47. I would love to be a tester…my partner is also Paleo and picky, so this could be fun for us.

  48. Taryn Neva says:

    my three kids and i would love to be testers. Good practice as we are new to this lifestyle.

  49. Stacy Reynolds says:

    I would love to help you out on this!!!

  50. I'd enjoy being a recipe tester for you! My family includes myself (50), my hubby (56) and my teenage son (18) a variety….lol. Feel free to send me whatever you'd like to test and I'd be happy to sign all the necessary legal paperwork….rrichardson.spencer@gmail.com

  51. christine walters says:

    I’d love this! My kids would be the real test 😉

  52. If you still need testers, I'm ALL IN! :)

  53. Oh my goodness I would love to test these recipes!! My boyfriend and I love to cook so this would be right up our alley! Thanks for the offering :-)



  54. I will be happy to test!! I have been eating paleo(ish) for about a year. I am looking to make a complete transition and am always looking for recipes!! Looking forward to your cookbook!!!

  55. Me and my taste buds would love to test. I sent my contact info as a FB message.

  56. I would LOVE to test for you! We are always looking for new paleo recipes to try!

  57. 56 year old SAHM who does a Paleo meal plan every week with NEW recipes every week and would LOVE to test recipes for you. We are a military family with one teen left at home and the two of us. I have all the tools and would love to have the opportunity!

  58. I would absolutely love to help! My email address is mkgotschall@gmail.com. I look forward to it!

  59. livinlifeinlouie says:

    my son and I love new recipes!

  60. Sitting here enjoying a bowl of Mint Dark Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, and loving it. New to Paleo, and would love to test some of your recipes. Looks like you'll have lots of help with the new book.

    :) Anne

  61. Sitting here enjoying a bowl of Mint Dark Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, and loving it. New to Paleo, and would love to test some of your recipes. Looks like you'll have lots of help with the new book.

    :) Anne

  62. Woud LOVE to be a tester! I initially started this blog as a recipe review blog. It just grew from there.


  63. I'd absolutely love to be a tester! My email is rmakson@gmail.com

  64. Hey, Michelle! I can help you test, as well. I just cannot test with recipes that include any seafood or peanuts due to allergies. Let me know if I can help:) Miss you!

  65. I would love to be a tester!

  66. I would love to help test a few of the recipes. We are ALWAYS trying new things anyway. My email is ginagigs@gmail.com.

  67. Marian Canny says:

    I’d enjoy testing some of your recipes. I’m 95% Paleo and share my cooking with 2 cavemen sons (13&11) and the big caveman himself. Cheers

  68. I would love to test some of your recipes. I have recently undergone a massive weight loss (140 lbs) and have adopted a much healthier lifestyle. I find your recipes very refreshing as I am trying to get away from the 'processed' foods and find more natural recipes to work with. I find is so much easier to use the tried and true recipes as opposed to trying to alter some of my old favorites…..the experience I enjoy the most is all the new tastes I am discovering.

  69. laney di giorgio says:

    my husband and I are following a paleo diet; we don't eat grains or processed sugar or processed food. we try to eat all organic foods and maintain a garden and keep hens who lay organic eggs. we would love to assist you, and our email is di_g_design@yahoo.com. . .

  70. debbie wain says:

    i would like to become a recipe tester . can you send me a disclaimer i dont mind thanks debbie
    email back soon

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