**Giveaway** NESCO Dehydrator!

NESCO® has generously donated a FD-75PR (5 Tray) Snackmaster® Pro Food Dehydrator to Cavegirl Cuisine for a giveaway!! (Valued at $88.99)

In addition, they are sending me one too. This will be a new venue in cooking for me and I’m completely excited ~ can’t wait to dive in (recipes to follow in the coming weeks to show you my results)!

See below for giveaway details on how to enter…GOOD LUCK!!
This giveaway is open to Continental US residents only. 

The ‘NESCO Dehydrator Giveaway!’begins on 09/17/2013 at 05:00 PM EST and ends on 09/25/2013 at 07:00 PM EST.

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Features of the FD-75PR (5 Tray) Snackmaster® Pro Food Dehydrator :
• Adjustable Thermostat. The adjustable thermostat allows you to dry different foods at proper temperatures (95º-160º F), providing the flexibility to produce the best drying results.
• New-Powerful Top Mounted Fan. Top mounted fan and 700 watts of drying power generate maximum speed and quality for dehydrating fruits, vegetables, and jerky. Helps dry food in hours, not days like other food dehydrators.
• Expandable unit comes with 5 trays, but is expandable to 12 trays with optional Add-A-Trays®. Trays are 13 1/2″ in diameter.
• Vita-Save® Exterior. Opaque Vita-Save® exterior helps block harmful light which destroys nutritional content of food being dehydrated.
• Patented Converga-Flow® drying system forces air down the exterior pressurized chamber (not through the trays). The hot air is forced horizontally across each individual tray, converging on the core for fast, even and nutritious drying. No flavor mixing and no need to rotate trays.
• This Model Includes:
• 5 Drying Trays
• 2 Clean-A-Screens®
• 2 Fruit Roll Sheets
• Original Jerky Spice

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  1. What would you create with your NESCO dehydrator? JERKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am dying to make jerky and I don't have a dehydrator. Also, all things fruit. I can't dehydrate with my oven because the temp doesn't go low enough.

  2. I would FINALLY learn how to dehydrate and make my own beef and chicken jerky!! I love it but am so sensitive to the additives in even the "natural" stuff.

  3. Dried fruit and veggies!

  4. Jerky, hands down.

  5. I would love this!!! It'd come in handy to make snacks for me and my husband to take to work.

  6. Devyn Searles says:

    I am most excited to make my own beef jerky without all the icky sugars and soy! Beyond that… The possibilities are endless!!

  7. Fruit rolls!!! Yes please!

  8. Beef jerky, fruits and veggies, anything new that I would love to learn and start a business with it.

  9. Kelley Towne says:

    Fruit, jerky, veggies

  10. I just recently discovered the joys of dried watermelon! They taste similar to Hubba bubba, and even though they are a bit sweet for me I think they would taste amazing in a trail mix or ice cream! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Jennifer Wheeler says:

    Jerky is first on my list, then tons of fruits. After that, I would start experimenting.

  12. I would probably dry fruit first!!!

  13. First, I'd dry veggies to make them seem more like "snack food." Next, I'd experiment on all kinds of raw foods "cookies" made from banana, walnuts and coconut, etc. Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. I SOOOOOO want to make my own jerky!!

  15. I have been wanting one of these forever! I want to make apple chips!

  16. Jerky and fruit! The kids love dried apples!

  17. Beef Jerky!! Yum!

  18. I would make jerky, kale chips and macaroons

  19. Dehydrate soaked nuts!

  20. My son has autism as well. We have him on the SCD diet which overlaps greatly with paleo (except for the few exceptions like arrow root). It has made a big difference, but snacks are difficult. Fruit leathers, jerky WITHOUT sugar, etc. etc.

  21. Jerri-lynn D says:

    Would try some Kale chips first. The opportunities would be endless!

  22. Elizabeth G. says:

    I would use it on a lot of pineapple!

  23. I want to try beef jerky first!

  24. This is so cool. I can’t wait to try it out!! My wife and I have been talking about getting one for a while.

  25. I can’t wait to make beef and turkey jerky!!!

  26. This is so cool. I can’t wait to try it out!! My wife and I have been talking about getting one for a while. Jerky would be first on my list.

  27. First I'd try potato slices, then jerky, then more vegetables and some fruits

  28. I would start with my own beef jerky, then move to banana chips, mango slices and anything else that I could find.

  29. Hope to win this…my husband would love beef jerky from the cow that we just got!

  30. I would love to have one for fruit strips, jerky, and veggie chips!

  31. I would do dried mango first thing… SO GOOD!

  32. I would make jerky!

  33. Kale chips!!!

  34. Great snacks for me and family while we are on the go!

  35. Beef jerky for me, dehydrated fruit for the kids!

  36. SO much jerky and dried fruit omg I NEED IT! This is so excitingg!!

  37. The first thing I would make is beef jerky and then I'd experiment with anything I could get my hands on! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  38. Jessica Lenarth says:

    I have used a dehydrator to make my own protein bars! Would love a new one : )

  39. jerky definitely…

  40. ALL kinds of dehydrated fruits and fruit leathers. Thanks!

    Holly Storm-Burge, hstorm799{at}gmail{dot}com

  41. Fruit Rolls! Yum!

  42. Kale Chips:)

  43. Beef jerky totally, for sure!!

  44. Alisun Thompson says:

    I would use it for all the tomatoes that are coming out of the garden!

  45. I would make jerky!

  46. Would be excited to use it for dehydrating deer and elk jerky and to create healthy snacks (dried fruit!) for my family to chow all winter!

  47. I'd love a dehydrator to make real food for our backpacking trip in October!

  48. I would create dried fruit. I hate the store bought ones but want to dry my own fruit and I want to make my own paleo /primal versions of twizzlers

  49. I would FINALLY learn how to dehydrate and make my own beef and chicken jerky ALL kinds of dehydrated fruits and fruit leathers. !! I

  50. I would FINALLY learn how to dehydrate and make my own beef and chicken jerky &create dried fruit.

  51. create dried fruit. & dried jerky

  52. Linda Bradshaw says:

    I would make jerky for me and fruit chips for the kids.

  53. I would love to be able to make my own jerky!! I'm new to starting to live a paleo lifestyle and would love this dehydrator to help me on my way!! =)

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