Simple Spiralized Jicama Snack

It doesn’t get any easier than this Simple Spiralized Jicama Snack !  Although you can julienne the jicama, I really enjoy my veggie spiraler ~ it is so easy to use.

I may or may not have had jicama cut up in a salad in the past…I can’t remember.  But I really enjoyed it as a stand-alone snack.  To me it is like a cross between a mild radish and an apple. Sprinkle a little more flavoring on it and it makes a perfect snack.

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Simple Spiralized Jicama Snack

Simple Spiralized Jicama Snack



  1. Using a veggie peeler, peel the jicama.
  2. Julienne or spiral the jicama.
  3. Sprinkle with sea salt and smoked paprika.  Yep, it’s that simple!
  4. Enjoy!

Spiralizers Rock!

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