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Cavegirl Cuisine is my baby.  I put hours in the kitchen, behind my camera and at my computer creating a brand and recipes.  This is a labor of love and it is a little heartbreaking when I see my work either stolen or not credited properly.
I thank you in advance for adhering to my following requests,
Michelle (Cavegirl Cuisine)

This site and all content is written and published by Cavegirl Cuisine and is protected under copyright.

I allow limited rights for reproduction as defined here:

  • Reposting photos with full credit to Cavegirl Cuisine and a link to the original blog post.  The copyright watermark must be intact on the photo in the repost.
  • Modified recipes where Cavegirl Cuisine’s original recipe was an inspiration:   Please give full credit to Cavegirl Cuisine and a link to the original blog post.
  • Please share, tweet, pin or print my recipes.
  • If you would like to reproduce the entire recipe, please contact me at for authorization.

Unless expressly granted, I do NOT give permission for publication of whole recipes or uncredited sharing.  Examples:

  •  Copying a recipe and changing the recipe slightly and calling it your own.
  •  Using my photo on your site without giving credit or a link to Cavegirl Cuisine.
  •  Please do NOT publish my recipes in their entirety.  You may post a picture or your reproduction of my recipe or write an intro paragraph, but then post the link of my original recipe with it.
  • The copy/text before my photos:  Do not repost this.   Please share the recipes/pictures only.

*** I am not a licensed nutritionist or medical professional. This blog is meant for entertainment only. ***



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